Fitness & Wellness Center Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Member:

  1. Membership begins from the start date shown in the agreement form (terms and conditions) and will expire on the month term applied. Member can renew or upgrade once the membership expires in accordance with the month term applied.
  2. Payment can be done on cash basis, check or via credit card.
  3. All members are required to present their membership card at the reception.
  4. Membership card is non-transferrable and must be used by a registered cardholder.
  5. Cancellation Policy, Refunds of membership fee or transfer of membership on a third party is allowed only for limited circumstances such as pregnancy, illness/death or moving permanently out of the area.
  6. Two (2) month freezing membership due to temporary illness or injury is permitted.
  7. Member is entitled to all rights and privileges specified on the type of membership chosen.
  8. The management has the right to cancel the membership anytime
    1. If the cardholder repeatedly break the membership terms and conditions.
    2. If the cardholder fails to pay his/her monthly dues.
    3. Cardholder allows other to use the membership card.
    4. If the cardholder shows offensive behavior within the premises that can affect business reputation.
    5. If the cardholder intentionally damage any of the ACI Leisure and Fitness equipment or facilities or fail or refuse to follow instructions for proper use of it.
  9. The Management will not allow to rejoin members who performs condition 8.4.
  10. The management has no liability for lost or stolen goods while on the premises. Items stored in the locker are at member’s own risk.
  11. Children below 18 years old enrolled in the Family First Membership must be accompanied by adult either parents or the older siblings upon using any facilities to ensure safety.
  12. The management has the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice however, members will be inform thru e-mail.
  13. ACI Wellness Center may withdraw use part of the facility for the purpose of taking necessary maintenance, repair and replacement of any equipment.

Terms and Conditions for Non-Member:

  1. Walk-in client must settled payments at the reception before using the facility.
  2. The management has no liability for lost or stolen goods while on the premises.

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